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Tissue gets trapped under the surface of the vagina and causes a cyst. Bartholin’s glands The Bartholin’s glands are near your vaginal opening.
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    They release fluid during female ejaculation.

  • It typically presents with a painless mass at one side of the vaginal opening in a female of middle-age and older, and can appear.
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    The Bartholin's glands are located symmetrically at the posterior region of the vaginal opening and play an important role in the female reproductive system.

  • They release fluid that lubricates your vagina (makes it wet) when you’re turned on.
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    Bartholin cysts refer to the benign cystic dilation of the Bartholin glands that develop frequently in individuals assigned female at birth during their reproductive age.

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  • Fluid in the gland builds up and may become infected.
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  • Jun 16, 2022 · Bartholin’s gland cyst treatment.
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