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You are likely under 18 and shouldn't be vaping anyway and will not find much support here. How can I vape without anyone knowing? There are several ways to minimize or hide the vapor you exhale.
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  • For example, you may crave your vape when you: See someone else use a vape.
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    Apr 27, 2020 · 5.

  • Hey Guys I hope You Enjoyed the video on how to vape without getting caught.
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    Finally, I filter my solo through a 11" glass bong.

  • This can be trickier with disposable vapes, which tend to come in.
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    I put a towel under the door to make it airtight, light a Yankee candle and open the window.

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    And if you aren't going to take the "just don't vape" advice, at least buy a box fan so you.